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Meet: MAKALA | Senior Portrait | Little Rock, AR



I had the immense pleasure of photographing Makala earlier in the year and thought you should have the opportunity to meet this fabulous young lady!

Kortney Hinton Images: What college do you attend?
Makala: Arkansas State University in Jonesboro


KHI: When are you graduating?
M: December 2014


KHI: What will your degree be in? Also, what do you plan to do with this degree?
M: B.S. in Biological Sciences


KHI: What is your favorite thing about college?
M: I love having my independence when I’m away at school. Being away at college had taught me a lot about growing up and being self efficient.


KHI: What are your post-college plans?
M: After graduation, I will be attending professional school.


KHI: What advice would you give to high school seniors who choose to go straight to college?
M: Money always seems to find its way in the conversation when talking about college. Don’t let the fear of paying for college stop you. Look everywhere for different types of assistance.


KHI: What advice would you give to your peers who are also seniors in college?
M: No matter how your grades started off or progressed, finish strong! You’re almost there! Graduation is near!


KHI: What is your favorite late night snack?
M: A McDonalds is across from my campus, so it makes it that much easier to go get a McChicken, large fry, and a Hi-C with no ice whenever I was studying late. (Ice takes up space)
KHI: What is your go-to meal to prepare for a long night of studying?
M: Mickey D’s!
KHI: What is your favorite outfit in your closet?
M: I don’t have one!!!!


KHI: What’s your favorite, can’t-live-without-it accessory?
M: Scarf
KHI: Favorite music/song when you’re happy (or do get you in a happy mood)?
M: It truly depends on the song and the memories that are attached to it, and I love listening to country music.

DSC_3252 2014-05-04_0007

Thanks, Makala! It was great talking with you and capturing this exciting time in your life. The best of luck in ALL your future endeavors!


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